Ender 3 v2 Cooling the Y Axis Stepper Motor 4.2.7

Is there any way to build a custom firmware that will lower the Y axis motor temp? Every other motor I can touch, even X, but you can only touch Y axis for a second, it is so hot. Thank You in advance.

The stock Creality control boards can’t change the motor voltages / currents in software.

The FAQ explains how to do this, but you’ll need at least a multimeter.

FAQ Entry: What are the Vref voltages for the v4.2.2 board?

There is an inaccuracy in this FAQ. There is a video from Creality axactly about E3V2 (FAQ can be updated with this video?),

where voltages are indicated as: X=1.1v Y=0.9v Z=1.1v E 1.3v.
If you increase the voltage for Y to 1.14v from FAQ, then the motor will heat up even more.

I have Y motor hotter than others motors too, but no problem with prints.