Ender3pro 4.2.7 firmware loading?

Just to give a short foundation for my questions, I am a struggling 70 year old with an acquired 3d printer because my life wasn’t complicated enough. I upgraded the Ender 3pro to the new 4.2.7 board so I could use the BL tough sensor. My eyes are crossed from watching so many You Tube videos ! One of them directed me here, for which I am glad, but I still have some basic (stupid) questions. 1) How do I open the file in Arduino to make a necessary change? 2) Once I’ve made the change what do I do? 3) Is it for real that I have to use an 8gb SD card? 4) Does the SD card have to be fresh with only the file to update on it? Thanks in advance for any assistance this group can provide!


Quick update to my dilemma, Taking what I know, what I’ve read, and what I should have understood, I loaded the .bin file onto a blank card. Put it into the machine and low and behold almost everything works. I understand now that the mod I have to do is in the start code which is not part of the firmware. So I have jumped some hurdles and arrived at hopefully a simple problem to solve. The “Z” offset does not seem to have any effect and my nozzle never gets any closer than .250 of an inch (1/4) from the bed. I have set the Z offset to (-0.250 to -4.00) and the bed leveling always leaves this huge gap. I don’t think I should adjust the probe length (which would be the worst way) I would think. So what am I missing?

If you’re using a BLTouch, have you removed the Z endstop microswitch?

Yes, I have. I have been working on this since my last message and made some significant progress. But alas I have hit a brick wall ! I found the Z probe wizard and set it according to all I know, saved the settings, did a bed level and the probe still is about 1/4 inch off the bed. There was a link for a “pronter—” something that I watched and downloaded as a last attempt for the day. It looked great but I could not get it to connect to a port for the love of life! I am certain I am missing some simple fundamental step. It seems like the soft stop is not being changed so no matter how I set the offset it will only go to that point. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can afford me!


I don’t have an exact bit of info for you, but maybe the BLTouch FAQ might hold the elusive nugget of wisdom?

Hey Terry, mrclassicman. I may be able to help you if you are still having issues!

do i have tyo remove this for the cr touch too?