Ender 3 pro, v4.2.7, BLTouch firmware builder auto home position

Please add access to the following parameters, or create an option to set the home position to a bed corner:

// Manually set the home position. Leave these undefined for automatic settings.
// For DELTA this is the top-center of the Cartesian print volume.
//#define MANUAL_X_HOME_POS 0
//#define MANUAL_Y_HOME_POS 0
//#define MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS 0 // Distance between the nozzle to printbed after homing

I’m curious, what type of setup are you using in this case? I don’t normally see these values used in anything.

I am using an ender 3 w/ SKR v2 mini. With the stock firmware, home is off the lower left corner of the bed rather than dead center in the bed. I like this configuration more as the head does not drip filament on to the middle of the bed while preheating. Apparently, setting these values resolves this issue based up on the research I did, but they can only be set at build time for the firmware.

Let me know if this is the info you need or if there are any other questions I can answer.

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Just so I understand, you’re using G28 to home, it moves the nozzle to the middle of the bed instead of the probe?

If that’s the case, M851 is used to set the offset to bring the probe into the middle of the bed.

There’s a few things you can do that are waaaaay easier to stop things dripping.

Back up the existing Start G-code in your slicer, and check the two examples here:

I use these personally, and don’t have any filament drip as normally the extruder is in the front left position before the hotend is up to print temperature.

I am using G28 to auto home, both through preprint scripts and through the LCD interface (as the autohome function) on the printer itself. In both cases, the printer homes to the center of the bed with any custom firmware I build with the service. With either firmwares from Creatlity or the SKR mini, the printer homes to slightly past the lower left of the bed. From what I see, it’s because these values are set to a function of the bed dimensions at build time for the firmwares.

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I’m a little confused with your terms… When you say ‘homes to slightly past the lower left of the bed’ - are you talking about when you move nozzle to X0 Y0?

The homing of Z will move the probe to the centre off the bed as defined by the Nozzle to Probe offset configured using the M851 command.