4.2.2 Level Bed corners/tramming option gone

I am using a bl touch and in the past I could use tramming or level bed corners and manually level the bed pressing the knob to go to the next corner etc, I have built multiple variations of firmware and cannot get that option anymore, what am I doing wrong

It depends on the printer type.

Is this an Ender 3? Ender 3 V2? CR10?

ender 3 pro 4.2.2 board using ender 3 4.2.2 builder sorry!

I just tried it as UBL instead of linear and it still isn’t there :sweat_smile:

Untested, but I believe the option you want is “Enable Level Bed Corners”:


By default, its switched off.

Just note that the probe offset causes problems sometimes with the levelling corners - and it may not quite work as you expect it to.

yeah I select that option and I still don’t get the option on the printer when I flash the update, I just really want to be able to manually tram it and then let the bl touch do its thing, I also enable lcd leveling menu and probe offset

Can you give me a build ID to check?

b7739208,83100018,75b44b24 I think all of those were firmware for my bl touch printers, I’ve got 2 with the bl/cr touch and 2 without so I’ve been using this godsend a lot lately lol

Ah - it looks like the option name has changed from LEVEL_BED_CORNERS to LCD_BED_TRAMMING.

I’ve pushed a change to the build now - see if that works…

Sorry for the delay, yes that fixed it! Thank you so much!

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