4.2.7 BL Touch and Sprite extruder

I’m trying to use the firmware builder for my ender 3 pro that i just added a sprite pro extruder to. When i have it probe the bed the X axis goes all the way to the right i get the belt grinding on the gear. Is there a setting on the printer or in the builder that i am missing?

Creality 4.2.7 board
Sprite Pro
Stock Mono LCD.

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The X carriage that comes with the Sprite Pro has screws holding the rollers that are too long. You need to replace the M4 30mm long buttonhead screws and nyloc nuts on the bottom and right most roller (as you look at the front of the printer) with M4 25mm long buttonhead screws and regular M4 nuts.

This will restore the full range of motion to the X-axis. You also need to set the minimum X position to 0mm (as the metal part on the carriage that activates the X-axis limit switch is further to the left than with the stock carriage) and the minimum Y to -10 mm, and set the probe X,Y offset to (-32mm, -40.5mm).

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Thank you so much! i will order some screws and get this taken care of!

screws came in and it worked like a charm. thanks again!


If you buy M4, the roller will be slack, they are too small. You need M5 screws.