4.27 with microswiss custom firmware

I’m having trouble with custom firmware for my Ender 3 with 4.27 board, bltouch and microswiss hotend and DD, when I use the custom my filament does not extrude, I can use the Marlin firmware listed but it prints off the bed, Can you add a custom one to the list I can update regularly.
I have a Bl touch with 4.27 board with microswiss hotend and I would like to have PID autotune enabled and tramming, as well as the 25 point mesh system if it’s possible

You should be able to do all this via the builder - but it will require you set the correct options.

Load the stock config, and make the minor tweaks yourself for hotend home offset and BLTouch etc etc…

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I did try to do this, my extruder wasn’t working correctly