Additional Builder Options

Would you be willing to add an option in the builder to either download the compiled hex file or the edited source files for those of us wanting to do more edits that your builder isn’t already doing or at least add an (opt in) to enable M503?

I ask because I would like to be able to enable the M503 on my copies of firmware, but all of the premade and the ones generated in the builder for my Ender 3 Pro do not have M503 enabled, I understand it saves space, but having the option to have it enabled or disabled would allow some of us that like that feature to have it.


pls! why lock us out of making other changes?

It’s not a case of locking out - its more that there are a thousand different possible interactions between options available in Marlin, and each one needs attention as to what should happen with what options set.

It takes time to check for interactions between options, on printers I don’t have access to, with hardware options I don’t have, and other issues that crop up as well.

It’s not as simple as just “set all the things!” - because I can guarantee that would break just about every firmware build. Each change needs testing, verification, and feedback to be useful.

You also have to remember that this is also my hobby - it isn’t a job, or a career, or any full time position. As such, that really is the limitation in how much can be achieved in a limited timeframe…