Adjusting probe offset in the auto builder

Hello there,
Currently working on getting my EE 400xl up and running.
A little background followed by two questions:
I was able to use the firmware builder to get the basic functions going (auto home, and even a under extruded print) however, when beginning the print the probe only takes one probe near the center rather than multiple different probes at the different corners of the bed. When attempting to use the probe wizard to level the bed before the print, I discovered that the probe offset was also not correct.

1.) is it possible to add options to the firmware builder i.e. probe offset (from nozzle)
2.) why is the BLtouch only performing one probe at the beginning of a print? (i set the bl touch and the bilinear bed level is set to 3)

It sounds like you’re describing the homing (one probe) with a bed level.

The home command is G28

The bed probe command is G29.