Attempt to update firmware returns INIT FAILURE

Ender 3 Pro with BL Touch and 4.2.2 board firmware build 2021-12-19. Added BTT Smart Filament Sensor and attempted to load latest firmware 20220413. Returns INIT FAILURE when I attempt to update.

Belay my last. I erased and replaced the file on the card several times, each time with the same result. On my return several hours later I loaded a different file I had pulled from the site last Dec my mistake and failed to see it was for a 4.2.7 board. I loaded it onto the machine and was pleased until I realized it was the wrong file. I erased the file and loaded the desired 4.2.2 current load and it successfully installed on the printer. Dumb luck but I will now be able to work with setting up the printer with BL Touch and the BTT Smart Filament Sensor.