Auto Bed Leveling Issues in Ender3 frame w/ 4.2.7 board, V2 screen, CR Touch, and Sprite extruder

I used the firmware builder with the configs I have but I am failing to level the bed.
The “level” menu in the main screen is not present anymore and I have to access the leveling mesh through the advanced menu.
I can select to make a new mesh but it will only probe 50 out of 100 points and fails to save the mesh.
If I do G29 in the Start GCode of the file to print, it will not even run through the probing sequence.

I honestly dont even know where to start troubleshooting this, the builder configs are double checked.

Also, another problem, the numbers (ex; coords, temps, any text really) on screen are getting ghosting.
The previous number stays and the updated number is still present, so it looks like gibberish and it becomes a white blob of illuminated pixels.
This second problem is a secondary problem, I’m mainly concerned about fixing the leveling problem.

Im having the same issue now. Did you find a resolution to your firmware issue?