Auto Bed Levelling Ender 3v2 4.2.2 BLTouch

I’m attempting to configure the OctoPrint Bed Visualiser plugin, and having issues with the probing sequence and saving the new mesh

The commands I want to use are as follows:

M190 S60  ; (optional) wait for the bed to get up to temperature
G28       ; home all axes
M420 S0   ; Turning off bed leveling while probing, if firmware is set to restore after G28
G29 P1    ; automatically populate mesh with all reachable points
G29 P3    ; Probe again
G29 S0    ; Save the mesh to EEPROM Slot 0
@BEDLEVELVISUALIZER	; tell the plugin to watch for reported mesh
M420 S1 V ; enable leveling and report the new mesh
M500      ; save settings to EEPROM

The first “G29 P1” and the “G29 P3” seem to work as intended, but any further G29 commands re-probe the bed from the last position that was measured in the previous command. The steppers will ‘bump’ and complain loudly.

Am I doing something really stupidly wrong? My Ender 3 V2 currently has the Ender3-V2-BLTouch-MarlinUI-20221105 firmware loaded.

I’m not sure that the Octoprint plugin can work with mesh levelling… You can use it with the normal Bilinear without issue though.

If I issue the same commands manually in the octoprint terminal, bypassing the plugin, the same problem occurs…

I don’t use UBL myself - I’ve never had much luck with it - however the best I can really do is point you to the Marlin documentation on it:

Failing that, you could try and ask your questions in the Marlin discord:

Is there anywhere I can view/obtain the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h used for building the firmware at 3 V2 - v4.2.2 Board - BLTouch ??

Running into this too, did you ever solve it?