Bed Heating Fails, Ender 3 Pro v4.2.7 with CR Touch

Using the Firmware builder, I started getting the following error:

Recv: Error:Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed

Anyone have any ideas on what to do now? The only difference I have is I went from a magnetic bed to a glass one.

I’d be checking your wiring for the bed thermistor.

If it shows 0 instead of ambient temperature, then something is wrong with it.

I haven’t checked the wiring yet, but it appears to be showing the ambient temperature.

That’s good - if the temperature doesn’t show zero - then your thermistor is likely working.

That being the case, I’d be checking the DC power wires to the bed.

If it tries to heat for a while, then throws this error - it may be the power to the heat bed?

If its an instant error, then something else is going on…

was this ever resolved?