Big Treetech "Smart" Filament Runout Sensor give False Positives

Hi Marlin Firmware Service,

I’ve installed the BTT smart sensors on my CR-10 S5 machines because the stock runout sensors didn’t prevent jams.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire:

The BTT often gives false positives. I updated the FW to include setting for BTT and use High Signal, but it’s still an issue on some machines. What is the correct setting? BTT+High, BTT+Low or BTT+neither?

Below is BTT recommended Marlin configuration for use with their sensors. Does the FW Builder employ these settings, or other?

Thanks so much for your service!

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I’ve noticed that the values given by BTT in the past are very… hopeful :slight_smile:

You can change the settings at runtime via the M412 command. You can do this in your Start G-Code if you don’t use something like Octoprint or Pronterface.

I’d try the following in your slicers Start G-Code:

M412 D8 S1 R1

You can increase the value of D slightly (say 9 or 10) if you still have problems with 8mm.

I found in my testing that 7mm exactly is very optimistic.

I do use Pronterface. I’ll run that command and see if it helps. Seems like a good tip.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

  • David