BL Touch glitches on 4.2.7 board

I just loaded two different printers with firmware built on the site and got the same result.

  • BL Touch/CR Touch will level the print bed properly
  • filament sensors are functional, I can load and unload filament
  • running g-code functions from my PC works
  • attempting to load any Cura sliced files results in the printer sitting idle (the progress bar will act like it is printing without any motors moving)

I’m not sure exactly what causes the error, but any help would be appreciated

Sounds like its something wrong with the sliced G-Code. I’d be checking your slicer settings / setup first.

Is there something different I have to enable in the slicer settings after installing a leveling sensor?

Yes, you need to both create a Z grid, set your Z-Offset and enable levelling in your slicer.

There’s plenty of information available on how to do this.