Bltouch on tevo tornado mks gen l v1.0

Just installed peel touch on marlin 2.1.2 already had bunch of issues setting the Z offset as moving the Z axis would not go below zero so I had to keep guessing at the access offset finally got it set to -8.6 and this is the first layer Both sides are darker than the middle. I ran for the bed leveling and it probe 9 spots and I saved settings and started print.

I have no idea about that printer - this site mostly does Creality stuff - but if you enable the Z-Offset Wizard, you’ll likely have a much easier time setting your offset.

It works with all text based screens and the MarlinUI based DWIN screens.

YMMV on other screens…

Hi kakashi!
May i ask for your marlin config? im having trouble flashing the new update!
As i have the same board and an bl touch it would help me out very much!
thanks in advance!