Build firmware based off nightly

Hello, first post here.

This site kept me from ditching 3d printing altogether, thanks for the wonderful tools and nightly builds! Made installing my BL Touch a success with the firmware available here! Just wanted to get that out of the way. As for my feature request.

I would like to have a check box in the firmware builder that will take settings based off the latest nightly build and plug them into the builder. This way I can take a nightly build and adjust just what I need. For example I need to enable support for dual Z motors and I need to restrict how high the Z axis can go due to my extruder running a high risk of getting in the way of the screw stabilizers I installed on top. The few custom ones I’ve tried building before the need arose didn’t behave the same way as the nightlies and gave me issues.


The downloaded firmware works great and I don’t want to change anything other than enabling bed pid. When you open the firmware builder are the preselected settings the same as the downloaded file? If so then all I should do is check bed pid and compile it? Thanks

ender 3 4.2.7

I am bumping this question up in hopes to get an answer. I have the exact question. I love the settings the firmware for Ender 3 4.27 - BLTouch has but I would like to enable to PID Bed Tuning

I’ve merged these threads - as this has been answered a number of times before - however I can’t find the thread with the answer in it. As such, I’ll merge future threads here.

Right now, the nightlies and firmware builder use two completely different build systems. The nightly build system was built first - but it wasn’t up to the task of handling custom builds.

The firmware builder uses a much newer and more parallel build system that can handle just about anything that is thrown at it - as of today, its over 40 dedicated CPU cores and still growing.

The different build systems work much differently - and its not as simple as just importing one configuration into the newer system.

Eventually, the nightly builds will be merged into using the same scalable build engine that I built for the custom firmware builder - and we’ll likely see the nightly configs come up as a printer configuration option - however there’s a lot of technical hurdles between now and when that happens.

So yeah - the official answer is that right now, its not possible - however, at some point in the future, this would be possible.

I didn’t see a reply to the question, one may have been posted but I’m not forum/social network savvy so I may have just missed it. Just went ahead and gave it a shot since it’s easy to flash back to the nightly pre built firmware. All I did is check enable bed pid (I also disabled the annoying scroll wheel beep) and clicked the build button. After flashing with the resulting file bed pid did work and it does seem to be more temperature stable than bang bang. It stands to reason that the default settings would output a firmware very similar if not identical to the nightly build.