Can the Creality 3D Pad Mini be added to the Firmware Builder?

I have an Ender 3 Pro with 4.2.7 board, Sprite Pro extruder BLTouch. I want to add the 3D Pad Mini but can’t find firmware to get it to work.

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Following this because I have this same issue

I’d suggest checking the manual:

Thanks for trying to help but this is the manual for the ‘3D Pad’ and not the ‘3D Pad Mini’ as requested. Any other advise or suggestions?

If you go into creality software download,under accessories,there is a download for this specific item,ie 4.3 mini pad. Also fits 3d max,as you can adjust the bed size in the touchscreen settings

I have been researching the same thing fort around a year now I’m afraid there is no fix its up to creality to give us the code for it.