Cannot recover from Pausing a 3D print

I installed the Marlin firmware for the Ender 3 V2 dated 10-22-2021 and and latest DWIN-SET display firmware. Everything has been working fine except when I pause the printing, I am not able to resume printing. The only solution is to turn off the printer and start the print over.

I misstated the machine. It is the original Ender 3 with the skr-mini E3 ver.2 board

I’m having the same issue an all 5 of my ender 3 V2 printers. has this been fixed?

I got it too. When I use the CHEP bed level gcode it stops; shows the parking text, and stay that way till we turn the printer off. This is terible when I have a pauze moment during a 14 hour print session. As far as i can tell it happened at M25.

Is there a fix or/and work around?

It looks like if the latest builds has PARK_HEAD_ON_PAUSE enabled, please disable that and do a rebuild.
There is a G code for that to park the head. So no need for enabling PARK_HEAD_ON_PAUSE

For now you can try to change all the M25 with M0