Can't load firmware

I have used the firmware builder in the past with no problems but now when trying to get firmware for a creality ender 3 max neo with cr touch and stock 4.2.2 board when I try to load it the printer will make a long beep that goes on till you shut it off. Tried again but switched the build and board to a new 4.2.7 with the same result, I can understand one board doing it but two ? Don’t know where to go from here.

Tried again today with no luck, what is the baud rate supposed to be set at ? Do want to mention that I have tried stock firmware with this board and it does load but the settings for the print head are off and you can’t change them in the stock firmware, also tried to compile firmware using TH3D Marlins firmware and can get the print head settings right ( start point and probeing ) but it starts printing up a inch off of the bed. Any mechanical problem I can fix but compiling firmware is more than I can handle.