Cant store settings after new update

Hi, ive been using this service for a month or 2 now and ive made over 70 firmwares, bit exxesive but im new, recently however ive been noticing the firmware builder has been getting new updates often, great! or so i thought, one of these new updates have messed with the store settings option and nothing is sticking after power off, countless forum searches leading me to fix countless things that werent broken, im left to assume its a problem with firmware, init eprom just restores the settings again. it resets to, x offset +10 y offset +10 z offset 0.00, since i have bl touch my offsets are way different. setting offsets with the -10 added in firmware still seems to be off so id love to be able to change it on the lcd again and have it stick. any help is much appriciated :))

most recent: build ID d9e7c364

plus other builds i can send have the same issue

ender 3 with bl touch :slight_smile:

heres a video of me storing settings, then powering off and showing they wont save. if i click init eprom it just resets and shows info screen, then when going back inton config, advanced settings, nothing sticks again. Streamable

Sorry for the delay - I’ve been pretty much dead to the world the last 5-6 days…

The video doesn’t load, however - once you do a factory reset, you need to then Store the settings. If you don’t, the next time the printer is turned on, you’ll get the settings from the EEPROM again.

The reset only replaces the running config - until you do a write.

Does this help?

somehow the issue fixed itself! not sure how as i didnt change anything but i decided to try storing again and it just worked.