Config files include with the firmware please

Since I can’t seem to find a way to contact CRinAU, I would appreciate it, if you would, when a person uses the firmware builder, package the configuration files used to build a specific version with the binary in a zip file. I would like to be able to modify a build.
I have 3 enders. One is an XL kit with BL touch, no runout sensor, and a 4.2.2 creality board.
Another is an ender 3 with a BLtouch, no runout sensor and a crealtity 4.2.7 board
And still another that has a mini ev 1.3, no bltouch, but I have one for it. I would like to be able to tweak the build files. NOTE: I am an embedded firmware engineer with 40+ years. The config files are a bit confusing though. I have installed VS, but cannot seem to get platform I/O to install and work. Eventually I will get that to happen, and while I have donated the 16.00 donation, and have configured several firmware flavors, I still see lots of config options that the web front end does not support.

So please, consider the following:
When using the firmware builder, create a zip file with the binary, and the custom config and configuration_adv files. That way, a person has A. a record of what the firmware is supposed to do, and B a way to recompile it if needed locally.

The configuration is embedded in the firmware file.

It can be saved out to the SD card via the M503 C command as documented here:

That does not help. Right now there is no console, and the firmware needs to be built.
There are many many settings that result in different code being built, not just in an eeprom.
for example, if you enable BLTouch, the firmware to support that is pulled into the build. If not, it isn’t.