Cr-10 v3 firmware for skr e3 mini v2.0

can someone compile a firmware for the skr e3 v2 for cr-10v3 with tian extruder and bl touch prefferebly UBL as i cant compile thanks

I currently don’t build for this board and printer combination. I have added it to my list of feature requests to consider - however I can’t provide a timeframe for this at the moment.

I also am looking for a firmware build for the original CR-10 and SKR E3 mini V2 or 3. You do a much better job than I can. I have upgraded the firmware on my Ender 3s and worked like a charm. I am going to take a crack at it myself but …if you decide to do it that would be great.
Thanks for what you have already done.

Gscott40 I have a build I got from person I met on a forum I can send you the zip he’s sent me or can just send the firmware file I’ll try and get the person’s info and forwar it to you as he will build what ever you need

It’s he charges $10 a build I can send it over whatever way you like as I don’t require it anymore ended up getting the cr10- Smart Home | Brookepedia you can contact him there

Well Conner how nice of you…The either file would be fine. If he charged you (not clear on that) I can reimburse you.


There doesn’t look to be a suitable sample config from the Marlin repo:

It someone can submit one, I could then import it into the Builder…

Trying to make one from scratch without the hardware is an exercise in pain :slight_smile:

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