CR-10v v3 and BLTouch

Hello, I used the builder to make new firmware for my Cr-10 v3 (The one that came with the 2.5.2 board, filament sensor, and a direct-drive extruder/hotend.) I bought a BLTouch for it and wanted to add this as well as update the Marlin.

Anyway, the firmware worked, but the bed leveling is acting as if the BLTouch is mounted on the LEFT side of the Hot End, but it is not. On this model, the screw holes for the BLTouch are on the RIGHT side of the Hot End. So this makes the tramming and bed leveling work in a much smaller square on the build plate.

I found in the settings on the machine the Probe Offsets and I changed the X Offset from -45 to +45. This did fix it so Auto-Home places the probe in the center now. However, tramming and bed leveling have stopped working. They home the Z, then that’s it, no more movement.

In Firmware Builder, I cannot find where to set the Hot End location or how to correct the Probe Offsets. Not sure if this something needs corrected in the Creality > CR-10v3 preset that you choose when first starting the Firmware Builder.

Any help would be great. Thanks in Advance