Creality CR-M4 Firmware help request

I am guessing this is a fairly new printer. There is 0 firmware or information out there but what Creality has put out. The last update is buggy as heck. I want to get into multicolor prints with Hueforge, but sadly Advance_Pause and whatever other option needed are disabled so the printer ignores M600 commands. I am curious enough to get to this point where i want to do my own firmware but there are two issues. The Mainboard cannot be found in the compiler boards.h - It is Cr6WU220525S14 - the Board chip is STM32F301 which i can find on a few boards, the step driver chips are TMC 2208-LA how do i move forward with making a firmware if i cannot identify the board. This has CR-touch, and the LCD screen. Any help appreciated, or at least any basic CR-M4 config info. Is the guts of this thing the same as maybe another creality product?

Creality don’t really share any details of their printers anymore - and their touchscreens are become harder and harder to reverse engineer to make function.

For the cost of it, people aren’t going to buy one to then add support for it to Marlin given the work involved.

Until more details leak out and support gets added (touchscreens are always harder), then I’d keep harassing Creality to fix their problems. In an ideal world, they’d support their own products properly.

The board seems to have a stm32f401vet6 according to this image

But this is Creality, could have 40 different versions…

Yes, that is the correct board. I cannot find it in the file of marlin. Creality responded and sent me to this github GitHub - CrealityOfficial/Ender-3S1: This Source code for Creality Ender-3S1 Series,MCU and Screen So i am guessing these source codes will work for the CR-M4? What do you think?

As is, the code in

may work for the Screen (aka UI), certainly not for the mainboard.
Apart from the µC and maybe a few other components, it’s a completely different beast.
You might find the Klipper config helpful: