Creality Sprite Pro Option in Firmware Builder

I would like to request to add the Creality Psrite Pro Direct Drive Extruder as an Option in the Firmware builder if that is possible. It seems that some Offsets do change quite a bit, as might even the Bed size so the new Extruder doesn’t “crash” into the right side of the frame. Not exactly sure, but I did install it and read about issues like that. And it would be nice to have the right option in the Firmware, I think. I’m also not sure if the option provided by Creality does actually contain BL Touch compatibility, as I dodn’t install it yet.


I had to experiment with probe offsets (used the pic in Config.H file to determine and enter offsets - am using #4 example - sounds more complicated than it is) and added to probe margin (30) for Sprite Drive on Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 Pro - -solved that after discovering a similar global issue: losing DWIN_SET and/or the mystic ‘privacy’ folders. There seems to be endless versions that do not work unless you use a direct download of bin from Creality that does not provide Config.H or Adv and only displays on LCDs as Chinese (can’t change to eng without knowing other settings used in config files). Mentioning, because I am not sure it would be much more than 80% success rate if adding deeplinking to unreliable Git repositories (including Marlin). Cheers!

If you have a reliable offset, I can add that to the builder as a preset option - however I can’t seem to find any details of what the offsets should be…

y offset= -7.5
x offset= 5.0

probe offsets
x= -32.5
y= -42.5

That’s ballpark center bed on a Ender 3 Pro.

Added this to help:

Setup Notes

Creality Ender 3 Pro v427 - Sprite Pro Extruder - CRTouch - 100mm Extension - Temp 325

Excellent wesbsite =

Bed= X235 Y235 Z350
Temp= 325
Probe 3x3

Make sure to Autotune PID extruder and bed

M303 E0 S200 U1

M303 E-1 S60 U1

My settings - Good starting points

My E-Steps = 426.9432
M92 E426.9432

Make sure ALL X, Y, Z are set to zero first!
Y offset = -7.5
M206 Y-7.5

X offset = 5.0
M206 X5

Probe offsets - Make sure to store
X offset = -32.5
Y offset = -42.5
Z offset = Set per usual

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Thank you all for this thread. I am about to install the sprite pro on my Ender 3 V1 with an SKR Mini E3 V2 and CR Touch(first time using the ABL). Do I request a custom build to get this right or is there another option? If I request a custom build would someone be willing to help out with what parameters to set? If I understand Darren’s post, those are the settings for the extruder/hotend after it’s installed. I’m fairly new to the hobby and would really appreciate some mentorship! Thanks!

was there any headway on puting the sprite pro in the custom builder?

will the sprite pro ever get added to the firmware builder as an option or can we get a nightly custom thats ender 3 pro with cr touch and sprite pro

I haven’t managed to find consistent settings to add as a preset to the builder.

That being said, there is nothing that the preset does except alter the options already available - it just changes a number of them at once.

About the only thing I can find that seems to be agreed on is that the bed size needs to be reduced by ~5-15mm - depending on which posts you believe…

I’ve been printing for 6+ mos on a somewhat stock Ender 3 Pro and received a Sprite Direct Drive for Christmas. Before I go and install anything, I want to make sure I have what I need up front, specifically in the firmware dept.

I have a BL Touch, 4.2.2 board, and will now have the Sprite, but don’t see those options from the release directory.

Will I need to compile my own or have I hopefully just missed it somewhere?


This thread has more details - and we’re still trying to locate a suitble set of values to be used as a macro in the Firmware Builder to assist people in setting things up easily…

I can add what values I came up with when I recently went from stock hotend/extruder to Sprite Pro on my Ender 3 Pro. They are very close to Darren’s.

I don’t see much reason to mess with X/Y bed size. The hotend is now +5 in X, -5 in Y, and -1.25 in Z direction compared to stock and affects things accordingly.

I could only reach 229 in X axis with stock hot end and with Sprite Pro its now down to 226. The mounting plate also ships with bolts that are to long and cause it to crash into the right hand side; losing probably another 10mm; but they also started shipping with a set of bolts you can use to replace to fix that issue so I wouldn’t account for that issue any more.

0 to 240 is possible in Y.

E Steps need to change from stock 93 to 424.9 but I do not see a way to change from firmware builder. 424.9 comes from Creality and I had best luck with that value and doing rest of adjustments using flow settings per filament brand.

Hotend heats much faster so default PID values could stand to change. Perhaps copy from S1 Pro model?

The filimanent load/unload values need to shrink a lot. I changed from 400 to 50 for unload and from 350 to 25 for fast load.

Retract length should go to 0.5 or 0.8 if enabling that feature (S1 config files default to 0.5 I think; I settled on 0.8).

I also don’t see an option to list BLTouch offsets in firmware builder tool and its optional feature anyways but I came up with { -32, -41.5, -2.36 } with that Z offset being -1.25 than before upgrade.

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Need a firmware that supports the sprite extruder and bltouch touch is there one out there i feel like ive been looking forever …i have an ender 3 pro v1

I’ve added an Extruder preset for the Sprite Hotend to the builder.

It makes a few changes automatically, however, you’ll still need to:

  • Set the probe offset using M851
  • Set the PID for the heater using M303
  • Set the e-Steps via M92

The e-Steps G-Code will be something like: M92 E424.9

If you’re using the builder, I would also suggest using MPCTEMP for the hotend temperature control algorithm. It’s generally much better than PID for higher powered heaters.

I can’t find any details on if the thermistor being supplied is a different type than stock, nor what the wattage of the heater element is (which you’ll need to know for MPCTEMP).

Things like retraction etc should be set in your slicer as per normal.

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I somehow missed that dropdown box to select hotend before. Nice.

I gave the new option a test and I saw minor issue when used with Ender-3 and SKR Mini E3 V3. T

he X and Y min position were both -5. The new nozzle offsets are +5 for X but -5 for Y so bring the nozzle extra 5mm to right from left hand side and an additional 5mm off the the bed in front. So a 0 for X min position would be ideal.

Should be a help addition for all.

Having a bit of trouble visualising this…

We have to position the bed in relation to the endstop. So if we change X_MIN_POS to -5, we in effect move the entire bed to the right by 5mm.

As the endstop will now be seen as 5mm to the left of the bed origin of X0, Y0.

If you build a firmware and set Y_MIN_POS to 0, does that mean Y0 is off the front of the bed?

Yes, thats what I see in that case (Y is off the front of the bed).

If I leave X and Y_MIN_POS to zero then home to end stops and stay at X0Y0 with the “stock” Ender 3 Pro nozzle I see X is about 1mm onto the bed (never reaches edge of bed) and Y is about 4mm off of/in front of the bed.

After switching to Sprite Pro and in same case for MIN_POS at zero and at X0Y0, I see X is about 6mm (so +5 compared to stock) onto the bed and Y is about 9mm off of/in front of the bed (so -5 compared to stock).

Since it hits X end stop before reaching end of bed, thats why X_MIN_POS=0 is good so I don’t lose any more of bed (don’t shift X0 even more to right that it already was).

For long time, I’ve left Y_MIN_POS at zero with stock hotend since 3mm is pretty close to end of bed (I might lose close to that just not putting magnetic bed back on right) and I dealt with not using that 3mm manually in slicers. Now that Y is 9mm off bed, it’s enough I want to account for that using Y_MIN_POS.

I just had the builder create a new profile for my Ender-3 MAX (4.2.7 board) and the Sprite Extruder with a CRTouch. Everything worked great and I love that now I can change ABS (which I don’t use) to PETG! However, with this new build the Tramming Wizard only covers the front left quarter of the bed. It used to work great. Any suggestions?