Creality Sprite Pro Option in Firmware Builder

I would like to request to add the Creality Psrite Pro Direct Drive Extruder as an Option in the Firmware builder if that is possible. It seems that some Offsets do change quite a bit, as might even the Bed size so the new Extruder doesn’t “crash” into the right side of the frame. Not exactly sure, but I did install it and read about issues like that. And it would be nice to have the right option in the Firmware, I think. I’m also not sure if the option provided by Creality does actually contain BL Touch compatibility, as I dodn’t install it yet.

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I had to experiment with probe offsets (used the pic in Config.H file to determine and enter offsets - am using #4 example - sounds more complicated than it is) and added to probe margin (30) for Sprite Drive on Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 Pro - -solved that after discovering a similar global issue: losing DWIN_SET and/or the mystic ‘privacy’ folders. There seems to be endless versions that do not work unless you use a direct download of bin from Creality that does not provide Config.H or Adv and only displays on LCDs as Chinese (can’t change to eng without knowing other settings used in config files). Mentioning, because I am not sure it would be much more than 80% success rate if adding deeplinking to unreliable Git repositories (including Marlin). Cheers!

If you have a reliable offset, I can add that to the builder as a preset option - however I can’t seem to find any details of what the offsets should be…

y offset= -7.5
x offset= 5.0

probe offsets
x= -32.5
y= -42.5

That’s ballpark center bed on a Ender 3 Pro.

Added this to help:

Setup Notes

Creality Ender 3 Pro v427 - Sprite Pro Extruder - CRTouch - 100mm Extension - Temp 325

Excellent wesbsite =

Bed= X235 Y235 Z350
Temp= 325
Probe 3x3

Make sure to Autotune PID extruder and bed

M303 E0 S200 U1

M303 E-1 S60 U1

My settings - Good starting points

My E-Steps = 426.9432
M92 E426.9432

Make sure ALL X, Y, Z are set to zero first!
Y offset = -7.5
M206 Y-7.5

X offset = 5.0
M206 X5

Probe offsets - Make sure to store
X offset = -32.5
Y offset = -42.5
Z offset = Set per usual

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Thank you all for this thread. I am about to install the sprite pro on my Ender 3 V1 with an SKR Mini E3 V2 and CR Touch(first time using the ABL). Do I request a custom build to get this right or is there another option? If I request a custom build would someone be willing to help out with what parameters to set? If I understand Darren’s post, those are the settings for the extruder/hotend after it’s installed. I’m fairly new to the hobby and would really appreciate some mentorship! Thanks!