Custom build - Add option to set value for extruder e-steps

Would it be possible to set the extruder estep values in the custom firmware builder?

I have a dual drive (geared) type extruder. Standard esteps is 80 - mine is 435… that is 5min of dial turning.

Thank you

It would be better to set this via either your start G-Code in your slicer, or set it once and save it.

The Start G-Code method it probably more reliable long term.

See: Set Axis Steps-per-unit | Marlin Firmware

I hadn’t thought of that, makes sense. Thx

How would this work when I am changing the filament or needing to extrude from the printer screen? Do I need to send a print job? It would be nice to have it correct for some of the geared extruders.

If you don’t use Octoprint or similar, so you don’t have a console connection to the printer - then you can make a temporary g-code file that contains:

M851 Xn Yn

Change the X / Y / Z (or use the Z-Offset wizard) and then run it from your SD Card. The M500 will save the settings in the EEPROM - which will be loaded every time you turn the printer on.

Failing that, you can input them from the screen itself, then use the “Save Settings” to store the settings in the EEPROM.