Disregard- problem solved

I’m trying to use a 4.2.2 board from an Ender 3 V2 in a larger printer with the Sprite Pro with CR Touch. I tried setting up all the options I wanted & got a bunch of incompatible hardware (mainly LCD) errors for bed leveling options. I reduced the options and got the below 2 errors. I also tried just changing the bed X/Y/Z sizes, max temps, and adding a filament runout. The same 2 keep popping up.
Marlin/src/lcd/e3v2/proui/dwin.cpp: In function ‘void Draw_Tune_Menu()’:

Marlin/src/lcd/e3v2/proui/dwin.cpp:3328:51: error: ‘onDrawZOffset’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘onDrawHomeOffset’?

Since the Sprite is shown as experimental, I’m presuming the errors have something to do with it? Any help is appreciated.

EDIT- Found the solution here: Firmware builder compiling issue (E3v2)

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