Donations UI not allowing setting of amount or currency in FF or Edge

Hello, I was trying to make a donation, but was unable to set the amount or the currency in FF. Tried again in a stock Edge browser with no addons, same result. Both have latest updates. Neither the field with “Donation Amount” or “AUD” are editable, and the up/down control does not do anything.
Page link: Marlin Firmware Service

If I click through to Paypal and ignore these fields, it looks like it defaults to $15AUD.
My inability to change this could entirely be user error, just not sure how/why!

Hmmm - looks like a layout issue… Paypal will convert into your native currency.

Where the two arrows are, its supposed to be a number input field.

Its the setting the dollar value amount that can only be done on the Marlin site, currency as you say can be changed and I’m ok doing a conversion

Well I can enter amounts again, that moved me forward, thank you!

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