Ender 3 4.2.2 Z axis problem

I will explain it shortly, when i’m turn on printer i can move Z axis freely but when im set auto home or anything else printer moves only X and Y axis freely, Z axis moves only up
motheboard is 4.2.2 with gd32f303 chip

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Same issue here. Been going back and forth with this since November. checked wiring, used several firmware builds, and even replaced the touch unit. Right now i’ve disconnected the CR touch, reconnected the Z stop and am just manually leveling. But I’m hoping somebody comes up with a fix.

From memory, most builds will stop you from moving the Z axis down until you home the printer. That’s to stop people from issuing a move command when the printer has no idea where the nozzle is and jack-hammering the nozzle into the bed.

After you home the printer, you should be able to move down to Z0 without an issue.

EDIT: I’ve also changed the nightly builds to auto-enable levelling after a home - which may well fix another edge case where people don’t realise any mesh levelling is disabled after a G28 / home…

That change will be active from 2023-02-03 builds onwards.