Ender 3 4.2.7 - Manual Bed Leveling not in LCD menu


Noob here. I have the new board 4.2.7 and have joined the marlin.crc.id.au firmware builds for a year.

I successfully downloaded and installed the firmware on my board, cudos for how easy that was!

However, I cannot find anything concerning bed leveling in the LCD display that came with the printer (Ender 3 original).

I used to have something like the bed moving to four different points so that I could easily do a manual bed leveling.

Is that available and am I missing it?

I tried the firmware builder but it kept failing when I tried “Manual Mesh Leveling” and “LCD Leveling …” I also tried several other variations but the build always failed.

Is there a version of the daily firmware that includes just the normal 4 or 5 point manual leveling?


Do you have a couple of build IDs I can check?

Profile Name Machine Name Last Updated Last Built Actions
2nd try Ender-3 2022-12-13 08:08:30 2022-12-13 08:08:30
3rd try Ender-3 2022-12-13 08:11:48 2022-12-13 08:11:48
4th Ender-3 2022-12-13 08:12:44 2022-12-13 08:12:44
First trial with bed leveling Ender-3 2022-12-13 08:07:31 2022-12-13 08:07:31


Build ID Submitted Last Updated Manufacturer Model Status Download
7ca8c4ce 2022-12-13 08:07:31 2022-12-13 08:07:40 Creality Ender 3 Failed
70c20c96 2022-12-13 08:11:48 2022-12-13 08:12:00 Creality Ender 3 + v4.2.7 Mainboard Failed

It looks like to enable LCD Bed Leveling, you need to also enable Manual Mesh Leveling.

Have you tried with the ‘Enable LCD Bed Tramming’ option instead?