Ender 3 4.2.7 with bl touch over extruding

I installed the bl and updated the firmware to suit and the same prints just wouldnt print the same over extruding on the infill and the start points, i disconnected the bl touch and put the microswitch back on and flashed the firmware from the creality website for just the 4.2.7 board without bl touch and it is printing back to normal. I havnt had time to read through all the posts but has anyone had that issue before? I might have had the wrong firmware when i did it i was still getting my head around wiring up the bl touch i had that add on board but then realised later after that wasnt working properly that i had the new board and wired it straight to the board. When i have time I want to get more into it and build some custom firmware but thats not possible at the moment with workload

It’s likely a configuration thing.

It would be useful to factory reset your printer after doing the firmware upgrade - as there’s a ton of changes between the old Creality firmware and the current state of Marlin.

Ok I can try that, whats the steps for that and what would be the best firmware to upload? its a ender 3 pro which I replaced the board with a 4.2.7 board, its got a direct drive extruder and dual z axis but rest is stock.

There’s only one for that: