Ender 3 display freezing & restarting

Hi Forum Folke,

Ender 3: while navigating through the menu, usually to change a setting, the display becomes unresponsive to input, blanks, and re-starts. This doesn’t happen all that frequently, but often enough to be a little concerning.

According to the “Printer Information” screen, the hardware is version 4.2.2, and firmware is I know the 4.2.2 is the board because I’ve seen it stenciled on the board, but I’m not certain this other number is the Marlin firmware.

Assuming it is, is there anything I can do to stop this behavior from the display? A firmware update perhaps? I’m a bit reluctant to just go ahead and do this since my friend who also has an Ender 3 went to update his (switched from Bowden extrusion setup to direct extrusion), and now it’s inoperable through the display; has to use his PC to access it. Don’t want to end up there!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information!