Ender 3 Max 2x firmware features

Does anyone no or have some kind of Features flowchart like 1.1 has on the Marlin Page. I have a new ender 3 max with the 4.22 creality board and installed a BL-Touch with the stock screen. I loaded the newest Marlin firmware and want to do manual bed leveling similar to the new firmware I installed in the ender 3 pro now converted to v2. The screens are different from one to the other and I don’t now how to use the newest ender 3 max. Any help with this. I was told already that the Prepare button is gone and replaced with Motion.

I’m going to guess you mean this:

I haven’t seen one for the 2.x series of Marlin.

Yes but some current. Sense this post I went thru each menu and mapped it and there isn’t any manual bed leveling features like mesh bed leveling or z offset for different points on the bed. Any ideas what I can do.