Ender 3 max bl touch setup question

So i’ve installed the bl touch on the ender 3 max with your latest firmware for the 4.22 board

however all the install guides and info i’ve found on the internet do not match the current firmware build menu options (some have a prepare sub menu, others have a z probe wizard, etc)

i have measured my offsets manually, x is +52, y -14
with those offsets it puts the bltouch probe right in the center of the bed when i auto home

i keep getting the message “err too far” on the console, trying to find a way to adjust the z offset in home offsets. when the probe tip as well as the nozzle is over 15mm away from the bed.

the auto bed leveling does go around the bed with the extra probe touch down points (was going to be a request but you already had it done, thanks!)

any info would be appreciated. oddly not a lot of info on the ender 3 max out there for a bl touch setup that isn’t outdated.

Just looking for confirmation where/what values need changed in the menu for the z offset.

the sub menus are all over the place, i don’t want to change the wrong one.

i can’t lower the z axis from the motion menu anywhere close to a piece of paper thickness. it stops at zero and won’t let me lower any further.

i have a tramming wizard option, but doesn’t seem to do anything. i’m able to get the command to work on each corner, but when measuring it doesn’t show any value difference… stays at zero

seems like the bltouch is working, does all the retracts and light ups according to the other guides and videos i’ve seen.

just can’t seem to change the z offset. this is an official 3.1 bltouch fyi.

I’m not quite sure what you mean to give you a suggestion, but by eyeball, the BLTouch looks to be mounted too low… The Z-Offset should be less than 2.5mm - and given your picture looks almost level with the nozzle when the probe is retracted, this looks like wrong mounting on the probe.

See if you can find a mount that raises the BLTouch a little and go from there…

EDIT: Also, make sure you’re saving your settings between changes of the Z-Offset - otherwise it will reset to what is saved in the EEPROM on power cycle…

thanks for the response. i’ve noted a few more issues now for the ender 3 max 4.2.2 board (8-30-21 firmware)

as reported in another thread, clicking “purge more” function does nothing in the sub menu when doing a filament change command. clicking the wheel doesn’t get any response, same thing goes for
“continue” (same as reported in this thread: Ender 3 MAX - Purge fails on filament change, change Z axis manually looses HOME position (BL Touch) )

i was able to adjust the mount so the bltouch was not below the nozzle height. offset was -2.40, still shows “err: too far” on console when manually adjusting the z offset.

i tried a bed leveling print, first layer was just being laid on the bed. couldn’t get it to go to the z offset that i had configured. even using the “tune” option, doesn’t appear that the z position changes while adjusting, or while pressing the wheel to confirm the value change. first layer just lays on the bed, doesn’t get smooshed and has no adhesion.

before installing the bltouch and this firmware, everything was working fine with stock firmware and manual bed leveling.

i’d like to keep using these firmwares, but i need help with the troubleshooting. i was assuming with the paid membership that it would be more plug and play, i’m ok with some initial troubleshooting. i haven’t been able to use the printer for a few days trying to figure this out.

I’d like to point out that as it says in the main page, this is my hobby - I try to help as many people as I can, but I’m one person doing this in my spare time.

If there is indeed bugs that can be reproduced, then the best place to report them is via the Marlin github page. I help out there when I can, but again, I’m just one person.

I don’t personally have an Ender 3 Max - so this is put together as a ‘best guess’ to try and help people. If that’s not what you expected, then I’m more than happy to refund your donation.

Marlin is a very complex piece of software - and all I want to do is help lower the barrier to help people trying to get the most out of there machines - but I certainly don’t have the resources to fix every problem. At least until we manage to push vendors like Creality into supporting their printer firmware properly - and then I’d be very pleased that I no longer have to do this project and the entire printing community will be better served by Creality.

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thanks again for the reply. i follow ya about the hobby, just figured it was a little more plug and play. if you don’t mind refunding, that would be great. i’m still a little too green for these kinds of firmware troubleshooting.

It should be pretty much plug & play - however nobody guarantees bug free operation :slight_smile:

On that note, I think I’ve actually found the problem with the filament purge.

Try again on the build that should come out tomorrow - 20210906 - in theory, the additional purge should be fixed…

sure i’ll give that firmware a whack to see if it fixes the filament purge issues.

any chance that the bl touch probe offset wizard can be enabled for that build as well? haven’t had a chance to mess with the printer for a few days, i could give that a try as well.

The Ender 3 V2 screen currently doesn’t support wizards etc - but there’s work in progress to add a ton of functionality to the V2 DWIN based screen.

It isn’t merged with Marlin as yet - but in the grand scheme of things, will massively improve functionality of the screen:

The ender 3 max uses the old style screen, not the v2 touch screen. Wizards work fine with it

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