Ender 3 max bl touch setup

Hello all, new to this 3d printing stuff. If there is a thread already about this, please point me there.

I have an Ender-3-Max, with a CR touch. when I installed the latest firmware for the e-3-max 4.2.2 board w/BL touch Ender3-Max-v4.2.2-BLTouch-20220503.bin. (verified board). I have an issue when I use any feature. The tramming wizard makes the Z-axis rise about 10mm it does the auto on X and Y moves the hot end to the center, extends the probe on my cr touch a few times then just stops, Z does not lower to bed and the probe hits nothing but air. The screen freezes on Homing XYZ, and then nothing happens to it, except the fans continue to whir. I shut off the unit and then try to do the level bed option. same thing but this time instead of pausing and the screen freezes on Homing XYZ, it says to home Z first. Also when trying to move the Z-axis with the knob I can raise the bed but going to 0.00 or any negative value the Z-axis does not lower. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong or haven’t completed before these steps. this is a newly installed cr touch. the first CR touch was DOA. had to order another and install again flashed the newest firmware from the daily builds list. any help would be appreciated. TIA