Ender 3 Max v4.2.7 w/bltouch linear advance

I believe Linear advance is enabled on all the current nightly builds for the Ender 3 Max v4.2.7 with bltouch. every firmware I’ve tried seems to have it enabled unless I build a custom one which doesn’t have an option for the 4.2.7 board. This board doesn’t have the ability to properly use linear advance as the extruder suddenly stops every time it is enabled. Please disable that feature in the nightly builds for the Max.
Thank you.

Good catch - that one slipped by me…

I’ve disabled LIN_ADVANCE for all the Ender 3 Max builds for v4.2.2 and v4.2.7 mainboards.

It’ll take effect as of tomorrow.

EDIT: As a workaround, you can throw M900 K0 in your start g-code or via serial connection to disable linear advance until the new builds are available.