Ender 3 Neo 300 Degree support for Spider 3 Upgrade

Is there a chance to get Ender 3 Neo (not the V2) firmware that supports 300 degrees (HEATER_0_MAXTEMP)? The hotend has been upgraded to all metal with a high temp thermocouple to support 300 degrees.
My efforts through firmware builder to get the base Ender 3 Neo config working have not been successful.

Okay, I was able to get a Code Builder, Ender 3, v4.2.2 code working for this that at least approximates what I think goes into the Ender 3 Neo code. However, it’s difficult to see if I have all of the options ticked for your Ender 3 Neo code you provide on the code page. The features in your “bug fix” code are a really nice set but I’m having a hard time parsing the json file to make sure I have everything turned on.

Long way of saying it would still be nice if you could either provide a version of Ender 3 Neo that has the 300 degree option, or a base config for Ender 3 Neo under code builder.

Thanks for all the code work and for the site!


Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve pushed a large update to the site today - including a newer list of base printer configs to the builder.

Thanks, and greetings to Oz! I had not noticed yet, so I built the Ender 3 Neo code and tried it out. There were definitely a few settings I had left out - and it was good to get the offsets correct as well.

Code (and Code Builder) works great! My Benchy printed well in NylonX. I’ll try nylon next to see how it works, but I’ll need to work my way through the nylon learning curve first. It’s good to finally get this sorted!