Ender 3 Pro - 32bit 4.2.2

Would this be the correct firmware? I tried loading the latest one and just end up with a blank display indefinitely.

I did update to the 4.2.2 silent board (had a spare from upgrading my v2 to a 4.2.7 board).

I was able to find a precompiled one from last year from another user which is working for now.

Also, on the Pro, does it support PID Auto tune like the V2? I was having constant issues with thermal runaway and the temp wouldn’t stay close to the set temp.

Looks like I’m SOL here for pre-made. Since the board I’m using has silent steppers from my v2 and its compiled for the other steppers. There isn’t a way to change that as far as I can tell in the custom builder.

Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro are the same firmware wise.

The stepper config doesn’t matter as the drivers are all in A4988 compatibility mode on Creality boards…

I just get a blank screen. I was even able to get it to compile myself via visual studio code, same thing.