Ender 3 Pro 4.2.2 Firmware HELP!

I need help! I have an Ender 3 Pro and tried to update the firmware. I’m not sure what happened but seems to have gone backwards. It used to say print from media now it says No TF card. When I insert a card (3rd or 4th card) It doesn’t recognize it. I know its reading the cards because it seems to load .bin files.
Sooo, I bought a touch screen from Creality. Following the directions, it takes me to the Creality site. When I search for the Ender 3 Pro firmware it only gives me the option for 4.2.7. I feel like I am so deep in a firmware hole that I dont know what to do now.

The touch screen is installed and seems to be good. Now it wont read any GCODE from the SD’s. I have changed the names, etc etc … Nothing. The Touch screen reads 2.0.1 Please get back to me asap

The Creality touchscreens aren’t supported by Marlin as yet.

There is a fork of Marlin that is making progress in support for the touchscreens, with the aim of eventually being merged back into Marlin.