Ender 3 Pro 4.2.7 BLTouch Spider High Temp Head max 300°C

Love your latest Ender 3 BLTouch 4.2.7 I recently purchased a new Creality Spider Hotend that is capable 300°C however I cannot get firmware that correctly utilizes the BLTouch and the 300°C range. I contacted Creality and they did sent me a 300°C firmware but it was in Chinese and then for the CR Touch with whacked out bed dimensions and crashed when trying to bed level. Your latest 4.2.7 BLT works great I just need it with increased temp of 300°C. Thank you for any help.

Scott B

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Hi Scott. Did you find anything out? I have the version you mentioned. I got it from here. Spider High Temperature Hotend Software & Firmware Download. If I use my firmware I get a Hotend error.

Todd C

Hi again Todd,
I have downloaded it.
Unfortunately, the version with CR Touch is flawed as most of Creality products these days.
The bugs are:
1 Bed size shifted in Y and X axes so it prints at the edge of these axes
2 Z Offset calibration limited to 0.1 mm accuracy instead of 0.005 mm
3 After 5 mins of printing there is an “Heating Failed: E1” error and printing is stopped
This is the list I have found in 20 mins of using this firmware.