Ender 3 Pro all stepper motors frozen after installing the Ender 3 v4.2.7 BL Touch latest firmware

The motors are audibly actuated when signaled to run but none will turn. Going back to the previous firmware all work normally. The firmware identifies itself as bugfix-2.0.x2021-12-19 on the screen. New to the group and service.

Check that you’ve got the right firmware for your board…

This is a classic sign of loading a v4.2.2 board firmware on a v4.2.7 mainboard or the other way around…

A huge thing to have someone knowledgeable on board! Well worth the price of admission! I now remember saving money back when I upgraded, listening obviously to those who were not reliable resources. “Exactly the same for less” wasn’t quite accurate. The 4.2.2 firmware addressed the issue. Now just muddling through the difference in screens and perhaps Marlin terminology to learn how to set things back up properly. It seems that every permutation I see stirs things around and the steps taken to achieve a goal vary considerably. I wonder if there is some sort of dictionary explaining the different menus used across the firmware. Thanks!

After installing the 4.2.2 firmware with BL Touch I find my stepper motor issue corrected. I now find that I cannot change the Z offset to a negative value, properly set Z offset. I find comments saying that the firmware must be altered to correct //#define MIN_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOP_Z. Is there a simpler way than altering the firmware or am I missing something in the menu? BL touch was functional and negative offset values could be entered with a previous firmware so I believe the hardware is installed correctly.

So, this is on the v4.2.2 boards on an Ender 3?

I’ve had a couple of reports - but haven’t managed to track it down as I don’t have that combination of hardware handy… If you home the hotend first, does it work as expected?

There are a few protections to stop the Z axis going below Z0 - which normally means gouging out the bed. Obviously, that’s not a good thing. However without homing, the printer doesn’t know where Z0 is - so it can refuse to move down at all until its homed and has a reference.

This is a 4.2.2 board on an Ender 3 Pro. Auto Home does set the Z 0 as expected but locks out moving the nozzle below the safe 0 point. With some Google search I was able to to find a work around that appears to be a satisfactory solution for the interim. I found discussion of the Software Endstops and eventually mention of being able to disable them with G-code commands sent directly to the printer. I use Pronterface and was able to send M211 S0, after which I was able to use Move Axis to negative values and determine the proper Z offset. From the BLTouch menu I was able to enter that value, noticing that the graduations are very fine increments. I Saved and tested the results, then powered down and found that the offset remained. M211 S1 was then sent to turn the safeguards back on and my Z offset remained. Still intend to see if I can make changes both up and down while printing a first layer test to fine tune. Thanks!

I was pleased to find that I was able to fine tune the offset for a perfect first layer even after the software end stops were once again enabled. Thanks!

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i have an ender 3 with 4.2.7 board with bltouch and unable to move z axis below zero, what do i need to do to set z offset?