Ender 3 Pro / Linear Advance

Hi, i have an Ender 3 Pro 4.2.7 and i downloaded this firmware:
Everything works fine so far. Now i wanted to try Linear Advance but i have no clue how to do that.
Maybe anyone could make a firmware like the one i have but with LA turned on?
Thanks in advance!
(Sorry for my bad english, i am from germany and already a little bit older…)

Linear advance does not work on the Creality 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 boards.

Ah ok, i only wanted to give it a try.
Thanks for your response.

With 4.2.2 is this only with versions that might have a TMC set of drivers and thus incompatible?
Would the A4988 4.2.2 boards be compatible? Or is there some other reason?
Kindof in the same boat here, and got a little fooled by the ADVANCE_OK option being enabled, my limited understanding was that it was incompatible with the driver, not exactly the boards themselves.
If this is the case, would there be possibility for a supporting build, or do I need to get my feet wet compiling? I’ve got a non-silent 4.2.2 board and looking to play.

I don’t actually know - I’ve never seen one of these in the wild to be able to test.

C = HR4988
E = A4988
A = TMC2208
B = TMC2209
H = TMC2225

Seems that depending on how the SD card slot is labeled with a sharpie, you will have different driver versions. Understanding was that it was incompatible with stealthchop? on one or two of the TMC drivers. I guess I might have to dig in one night here and try building FW.
I’ve got a board labeled E.

I did a bit of digging - and yes, StealthChop is an issue when you can’t configure the TMC drivers.

You can’t turn stealthchop off without UART control of the TMC stepper drivers. What ends up happening is that the TMC driver goes into a shutdown mode, and the printer will just stop extruding.

I don’t know what model steppers are affected by this issue - or which specific models are known to work. I believe it was disabled by default because of the number of users that had affected steppers and the printer would just fail to print.

If you happened to get hold of each of these variants of boards to test (I don’t know anyone who has them all), then it’d be possible to do testing as to what is supported and what is not.

I believe part of the issue is that the stepper should be configured as TMC2208_STANDALONE - and not TMC2208 for Marlin, as TMC2208 mode assumes UART control of the stepper.

As far as the actual PCB mainboard goes, all steppers are connected as if they are A4988 drivers.

There has been some progress on Linear Advance for Creality boards.

See: Linear Advance comes to Creality v4.2.x mainboards

Feedback as to how well it works now would be greatly appreciated.

Appreciated, I did manage to compile one but it was a step backwards for me in terms of the printer working how it did before, so I swapped back in the firmware I had originally and put the idea on the backplate. In the middle of a move right now and don’t have much time yet to dedicate to trying the suggested guides/tools, but will.

Sorry for my very late response. My Ender 3 Pro heatercartridge died and i had no time for fixing this because i was stucked with my other projects.
So now i had time to do some tests with linear advance and i am quite happy with the result. I will do more tweaks on some parameters but for now i am impressed.
Corners are sharper, nearly no stringing or fuzzlings, faster printing and no wipe or coast needed.

Standard parameters for PLA:
90mm/sec inner perimeters
40% outer perimeters
4mm retraction at 40mm/sec
no extra distance for reretraction
no coasting
no wipe

last line in my startscript is:
M900 K0.6 ;K-Faktor Lin Adv

(K0.9 prints even nicer but its too aggressive at small parts)

My tunings:
DD extruder
capricorn bouwden
4.2.7 silent board

tnat´s it

would like to share a short video of the extruders behavior but don´t know how…

side effect: accelleration seems to be lower but therefore you have much more printing speed with no overshooting, ringing or over/underextrusion.

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