Ender 3 Pro SKR Mini E3 v3.0

So didn’t get the picture but nothing connected to that plug. and I just had a power outage yesterday luckily it wasn’t even half way but I lost the print cause I had no way to continue after the outage. Its disappointing if its the board cause I could’ve gotten another creality 4.2.7 board for less money and have no issues. If anyone is interested in this board lmk I’ll take a trade for a creality 4.2.7 or enough to buy a creality board…I also have the big tree tech touch screen. I need the power outage feature working and ive done several firmware builds here already with same results. At least now I know never to buy any Bigtreetech product again, I don’t know how to build my own firmware and honestly don’t care to download 10 different apps or programs learn each one then learn how to build the firmware. Ive had no issues with any other mod ive done to my printers till now so I guess ill just keep it simple for myself and get another creality board that works right out of the box and hasnt given me any problems.

Have a 4.2.2 board. Don’t know if that will meet your need but I’d love for it to have a new home

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My bad i just realized something… I am Jesu_F but I was using the google sign in feature which apparently doesn’t work now so I ended up using the same account I use on the part that lets me build the firmware…

No thank you I really just want the 4.2.7. board thank you tho.
Ive been in contact with Biqu back and fourth just wasting time cause thats all its been. My Amazon review is going to go from sad to just plain straight up worse ever. I have no interest in losing a print to a power outage and i shouldnt have to purchase anything else to use a feature that works 100% on every other board i have. They claim to want to help but its just be a run around i asked if they can compile the firmware for my setup as they claim its the custom firmware builder that is not compiling the firmware properly and fine i can believe that if i havent had any issues before and if i didn’t see soooo many of the same problems through out google and other forums about their boards having either power loss recovery issues like we have or Bl touch issues. Sadly i lost about $80 cause the tft is useless with any other board. Im so angry i want to honestly just record my self hammer the damn board to shit and post the video as a review on Amazon. Waste of time and money but ill get this anger out lol… I honestly hope others dont have this issue or atleast those like myself who DONT KNOW HOW TO COMPILE FIMRWARE… Goodluck

right after writing this i wrote amazon and ended up paying a restocking fee along with the tft screen. for a refund. Its really disappointing as the board is STUPID silent and i know someone said the power loss feature is dumb but its extremely useful for me as where i live we lose power just for staring at the powerlines too long. it sucks extremely sucks but for me its a VERY IMPORTANT feature and like i said i dont know how to make/compile firmware i use this websits custom builder which has been amazing with my other boards and worked fine its just their board thats been an issue since i bought it so… i took a $20 hit to return the screen and board but screw it atelast ill be able to get a creality board thatl work fine lol

Sorry - I didn’t think that when I shifted the forum to its new location, that it would have broken the Google login info…

I’ve fixed that now and it looks like Google logins should work fine again for the forum.

Eventually, I plan on unifying the login with the actual Marlin Firmware Service web site - so you can use the same details on both - but that’s still a fair way off…