Ender 3 Pro SKR Mini E3 v3.0

Hey! I am very thankful for your services, and enjoy the firmware builder especially. I wanted to see when/if firmware builds for SKR Mini E3 V3.0 will be available. Would love to see BLTouch Z-axis wizard also! Again, thank you for all the hard work.

I don’t have a v3.0 to test myself - however I’ve put in a beta test of a version that should work on the v3.0 mainboard.

Feedback would be useful if you have one of these boards. It’ll push out automatically on the next build cycle.

I do have this board! I’d be happy to give feedback but what would be most helpful for you to know? I would call myself a high beginner-low intermediate hobbyist maker so I want to be as helpful as possible but may have some knowledge gaps.

Previously, I was using the firmware builder for my particular setup so I could change the thermistor as well as reverse the extruder motor as mine turns backwards when plugged in (have not tried the upgraded motor on this board just yet however). So far, everything seems to run as best I can tell. Currently running the 2022-01-29 23:23:25 UTC build

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Ive been using the builder for a year now. Most of my machines are running the SKR Mini E3 v1.2, but since they are no longer available I have to start using the v3 board. I need the ability to set the build plate size, and I am too lazy to learn how to compile my own firmware.

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hi i was wondering where the custom builder is storing the choices for the skr mini e3 v3?
i would like to try setting up a board with my touchscreen and other options.
please forgive me if im leaving out info but this is just an inquiry.

Have added the SKR Mini E3 v3.0 to the builder. Happy to get feedback.

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Tried to compile, this is the error it threw out upon failing.


I’ve made a slight modification to the buildscripts… Try again and see if you have more success.

I won’t be able to try this firmware for a couple days but I’m really looking forward to trying it. Thank you for your hard work!
Also can I ask if touchscreen support has been added??

If you’re talking about the Creality touchscreen, then no.

If you’re talking about the TFT35 type screens, then yes - as they plug into their own serial port and operate mostly indepentantly.

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Thank you for your hard work and time

Hello every one, Ive been having some issues with my SKR mini E3 V3, ive made several builds using the custom firmware builder which has worked amazingly for my other boards mostly 4.2.7., i have an ender extender kit on my current printer so i use the builder to change the bed size and select the options and what not one of them is the power recovery option… its worked on my other boards but for some reason when i make the firmware for the SKR mini e3 v3 it doesnt work on my printer… If i have power recovery set to be ON it wont let me print as soon as i try to print something it just says something about hualt power loss blah blah blah reset and when i reset i get the option to continue or stop print i hit continue and again… its a none ending cycle that just WILL NOT PRINT… if i turn OFF the power recovery through the screen itll print fine no problem but i where i live we lose power every so often and id hate to lose a print that took 4 days… id ask what i am doing wrong but im using the custom firmware builder so im at a loss here … can anyone help me out pls? ive contacted Biqu but they are useless and dont seem to understand I AM NOT BUILDING MY OWN FIRMWARE i am using the builder from the https://marlin.crc.id.au/ site… I dont know coding and i dont do this often enough or have the time to sit for hours and learn coding. Thanks hope someone can help

What is the actual error message you get? That will give a hint on where to go.

Sadly, “blah blah blah” isn’t an error message…

Lol sorry (power outage: printer haulted
Please restart)

Thats it no codes nothing. I restart it, it asks if i want to resume or stop print if i select resume it just does it all over again. If i hit stop print it stops print and i can try again with same results. If i have the power outage feature turned off. It runs perfect no issues but if i lose power on a 3 day print i wont be able to recover and id be very angry to have lost half a roll :confused:

And where i live if a pigeon on the line sneezes ill lose power lol…my other printer with the 4.2.7 creality silent board has the feature on and its saved a helmet as long as i dont move the printer it saves the print just fine and i used the custom firmware builder from here as well so i dont know if its the board or firmware, but i have till april 8th to return the board… only reason i use it for this printer is again the print volume …400x400x560… Other wise id use the firmware from gti hub for the skr e3v3 w/ bltouch option n call it a day.

Do you print from the SD Card? Can you write to the SD Card?

I print from sd card yes and i can write to it on the computer if thats what you mean… and i can save settings from the printer as well.

Do you have anything plugged into the PWR-DET port as shown here?

The BTT Boards have a ‘UPS’ option that might well be doing something strange. In fact, even with Power Loss Recovery, their UPS option might work well for you…

It may well be that this board expects power loss detection to use that UPS board…

Negative. Nothing in that plug. I followed the Aurora youtube vid for connecting everything tft touch screen,bltouch and all other connections are in their correct connections. Ill take a picture when i get home. Later today

What I wonder is if the BTT configs expect a BTT UPS installed if you use the power loss settings. If that isn’t connected, it won’t get feedback on that port and it will think the power is gone…

I mean, power loss recovery does work much better with the BTT UPS - given that it triggers a write for recovery data exactly when the power does go out - but I’m not sure if it’ll be able to work without that for the time being…

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