Ender 3 Pro w/CR touch wont Update

Hello all. New here.

Today I joined and donated to get the latest’s preconfigured Marlin 2.0 for my Ender 3 Pro 4.2.2 with CR Touch.

I Downloaded the firmware and copied it to the SD card. I left it at its stock name it downloaded as. I placed the firmware into the SD slot and flipped the power switch. It loaded and there was no change. I realized I still had the stock ender 3 pro BT.bin firmware still on the SD card. So I deleted it and tried with just the Marlin 2.0 BLtouch.bin from your site. It took a sec to load as if it updated and upon looking at the menus nothing has changed. No new features no bed leveling wizard.

So I tried renaming your guys firmware to firmware.bin and rebooted the printer. Same result.

Under printer Info on the display it shows Marlin Ver 1.1.2 2020-04-25

Please help

This is not an Ender 3 Pro V2. This is the Microcenter Deal with the 256k cpu chip and 4.2.2 board. I have upgraded to Dual Z Axis with y cable and CRtouch, Glass Bed, Anti backlash springs, yellow bed springs, and so on.

I seemed to have answered my own issue. I erased the SD card and renamed the .bin file to Marlin 2 bugfix.bin and rebooted and Im now running the latest Marlin 2.

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