Ender 3 SKR Mini E3 multiple serial ports

Something tells me this may be a feature request, but I don’t quite understand enough of firmware configuration to tell (hence why I’m using the builder in the first place)

Printer configuration:
Ender 3 Pro (direct drive, dual z axis, type 11 bed thermocouple, cr touch)
Mainboard: BTT SKR Mini E3 v3.0
Display: BTT TFT35 E3 v3.0.1
Octoprint on a Pi4

As it is right now, I’m having trouble connecting the RS232 port from the TFT and using the Pi’s USB cable at the same time. Normally that would indicate that both devices are trying to access the COM port at the same time. Obviously that’s going to be a problem.

I was looking for a hardware fix for this (maybe routing the Pi through the TFT using UART connectors) when I saw this github comment that suggested a firmware config option would put the SKR’s USB port on a virtual port, which would let both devices access individually (the TFT would mainly be status display anyway), but no idea if this is already done in the builder

If it is, and it’s an always option, then that means my issues connecting from the OctoPi are something Pi related, so … guess this is either a feature request or me troubleshooting.

There should be no issues at all using the USB port and the TFT (plugged into the TFT port) at the same time.

I do this and it works fine on the v2.0 board.

I haven’t tested it recently, but I did play with a v3.0 board a while back and it was working well then.

Oof. Sad day for me. I really hope I didn’t break the Pi, because SBCs are really hard to get right now