Ender-3 v2 4.2.7 weird screen

Greetings to all

I own ender 3 v2 with board 4.2.7, right now I’m at build
Ender3-v2-v427-BLTouch-20210817.bin everything work just normal.
But I can’t go forward than that build, from build Ender3-v2-v427-BLTouch-20210819.bin, and up my LCD screen go kinda crazy,
I’m doing something wrong? “photo attached”

I did try to update the lcd with DWIN files but still the same.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen that before…

Try reformatting the SD Card and copying the firmware file again with a different name - maybe something is going a bit weird with the card…

I try a new sd card, i change the name but still the same.
But even with that weird thing on the screen, everything work is just kind bugged

I am having the same issue with 4.2.2 Ender 3 v2. I will try a new card


Just in case I’ve missed an update to the DWIN_SET files, make sure you flash your screen with the DWIN_SET files from:

I have exactly the same problem

I was having the same issue and getting the latest version of the DWIN_SET files solved the problem

I am having same issue on 4.2.2 board. Tried updating screen firmware too, still having the issue. Any more ideas?

Yep - same problem with display after updating Ender 3 V2 s(stock) yesterday.
Rolled back, searched and found this thread … updated DWIN_SET first and then reinstalled Ender3-V2-Stock-20210907. All good now …

I found there are 2 versions of the color LCD the Ender v2 uses - a DWIN LCD and DACAI LCD - They look identical externally. You have to look at the PCB board internally to see what you have. Apparently, The DACAI version does not play well according to the following site:

I spent hours trying to flash the right DWIN, reformatting the SD card just so, trying different Merlin builds - all to no avail. The screen was mostly working but had text issues. Image attached.

As per my reply on the other thread, the DWIN_SET.zip included in the downloads area will work on both types of screens. You just need to extract it to the root directory of your SD Card, then slot it into the screen.

That way, the same archive will work no matter which screen you have.

did anyone use a card bigger than 8gb?