Ender 3 v2 4.2.7 with touch screen Firmware

I am subscribed for nightly firmware’s and 10 custom ones. I was wondering if you will be creating a option for custom, or a nightly that has support for the touchscreen, along with all the other features currently available. Currently the only option is to use Creality’s Version for Touchscreen, and it is missing many features currently available in your nightly or custom builds.

The Creality Touch screen is not currently supported by Marlin.

As such, yeah - you’re stuck with the Creality firmware until they release more information about the screen or their source code etc…

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Any updates to this? I also have this board/screen and would like to benefit from the updated firmware available.

Nope - the touchscreen is still not supported.

Still nothing? Any news at all?

Could you advise which firmware to use based on the OP’s setup? Ie will the stock ender 3 firmware function based on the touchscreen firmware disabling some marlin features? Thx

You can run the firmware for the normal Ender 3 with your mainboard type - but the touchscreen will not operate. That only really makes it useful for printing via USB…

Thx for the quick reply, I’m discovering the touchscreen upgrade is a massive step backwards for functionality…I can’t even tram / level the bed because of the screens limited menu.
When I attempt to update the ender3 firmware the screen shows a frozen progress bar. I guess because it’s overwritten the touchscreen firmware??? Reinstalling the touchscreen firmware brings it back, but I have no info if the ender3 firmware loaded…sigh

Yeah, right now, there are no drivers for the touchscreen in Marlin - Creality haven’t submitted any, which means there’s almost zero support for it as yet…

Yeh, disappointing… I’m switching back to the original display to get the best functionality from my printer. I should have gone down the path of BTT SKR MIni and TFT35 display. Fingers crossed, creality will put some development into their on products before releasing them half baked to market in the future.

hi, what information is required for the creality touch screen

You just need the 4.2.7 Touch Firmware flashed and then replace the screen and cable. But you really dont want to. Unless someone else replies otherwise, Creality hasn’t released source code or something, to allow anyone to modify it and add options you loose with the touch screen firmware. The Ender 3v2, was my first 3d printer, and I got the screen upgrade at the same time. It stayed on maybe 2 months. I was learning, so I was looking up lots of stuff on youtube, when half the options I was looking for, just weren’t there. I hope I was helpful.

Hey I’m pretty new to 3D printing but I also purchased the Creality Touch Screen thinking it would be an upgrade. But while searching for a firmware that would give me my functionality back I came across this YouTube video with a guy with a custom firmware for the touchscreen How to Calibrate Z-offset: Ender 3/Pro/V2 + Touchscreen + FiRST LAYER Custom Firmware - YouTube . Turns out is some company selling Creality touchscreens with a custom firmware. I also found their google drive page with the firmware for the touchscreen , the V2 screen and for the board with installation instructions.

(4.2.7 Board + Accessories Firmwares – Google Drive)

I got it working on my ender 3 pro and its definitely a step up from Creality firmware and maybe someone with more knowledge than me can do something with it.

Hey Mike_g, after installing the f1rst layer touch screen firmware i had to install the F1srst layer printer firmware too, did you have to as well?
1 touch PID calibration is a cool feature as is entering the Extruder e-steps.

only problem I’m having is levelling the bed (non-bl touch). it homes then jumps up. i don’t know how much by, so when i disable steppers its waaaay off

Is there any news about the creality touchscreen support in marlin?
Does Marlin support touchscreen?
Thank you in advance,

There is still no official support in Marlin for the Creality touch screens.

There is however ongoing work here:

You will need to build and configure these yourself though.