Ender 3 v2 BlTouch Not Honoring Offset? Not Probing entire Bed

With a fresh flash to the latest Ender3-V2-BLTouch-20220121.bin firmware and applying the fix for the screen icons to work, the auto bed leveling 5x5 procedure does not reach the entire bed on the X axis.

During probing the first probe is very close to the left edge and the furthest it goes is like 3/4 of the bed to the right (along the x axis) .

The closest thing i could find online that might explain the issue or similiar is this thread:

If im understanding it correctly it may be because the nozzle is not allowed to go outside the bed area? But if thats true the entire right side of my bed is not getting probed which I cant see how that is good?

If anyone can help, please let me know what I can do I simply just want the bed leveling feature to probe the entire bed truly.

I use a custom shroud and bltouch mount and here is my offsets that I have set and measured multiple times:
Recv: M851 X-47.00 Y-7.00 Z-3.08 ; (mm)

Using precision calipers my offset is exactly x-47 and y-7 - During auto home everything homes perfectly seemingly honoring these offsets, but as soon as I select auto bed level it refused to move the nozzle off the bed on the right side to probe the last 1/4 of the X axis across the whole 5x5 process.

You won’t be able to probe the entire bed as the X head cannot move far enough to the right to get the probe on the right edge of the bed.

Essentially, the rightmost position will be slightly more than X max minus the X offset.