Ender 3 v2 need to set x & y step/mm over 160 step/mm

Hi Guys,

I’m new in this forum. I hope I posted to the right place.

I have an ender 3 v2 with 4.2.7 board, linear rails on all axis.
I’ve just recently upgraded to 0.9 deg stepper on x & y axis.
I made a calibration cube and it seems I have to set the y axis step/mm above 160 but my recent firmware is not able to go above it.

Is the custom built firmware able to do this or somebody has an advise how to modify the recent firmware?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got 0.9 degree steppers too - Change the number of steps via G-Code:

It has a much higher range than via the screen.

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Thank you.

One more question. Is that value can be applied via the slicer where the printer settings is? I’m using Cura.

You can either add the line in your start g-code - or use a terminal session via something like Pronterface to set it once - then store it with M500 (or Store Settings) from the screen.

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It was really helpful thank you for that. :+1:t2:

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